Where serving a life sentence in prison, twenty-five-year-old Lisl Auman wrote an off-chance letter to legendary Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson to complain that his books were not available in the prison library. Auman’s tragic story began in 1997 when she took a ride in the Thunder Chicken–a freshly stolen red Trans Am–with skinhead Matthaeus Jaehnig. Their brief and devastating journey resulted in the death of Denver Policy Officer Bruce VanderJagt. Jaehnig shot VanderJagt then turned the gun on himself–all while Auman was already in handcuffs in a police cruiser. Two officers later said they saw Auman hand Jaehnig the murder weapon and she was sentenced to life without parole. Communications strategist Matthew Moseley also wrote his own memo to Thompson, outlining how to organize a grassroots campaign to free Lisl Auman from prison and to take on the draconian felony murder law. Dear Dr. Thompson chronicles Lisl’s epic struggles and takes you inside the last–and perhaps greatest–Gonzo campaign.