“Storytelling gifts few other authors in this vein share”  – Goodreads

“An energetic and readable romp through the world of high-stakes communications” – Eli Stokols, LA Times
“Crackles with hard-earned wisdom. Highly recommended!” – Douglas Brinkley
“An essential field manual for communications strategy!” – Rosalind Wiseman (Mean Girls)
“…a fascinating journey…” – David Amram
“Little nuggets of wisdom” – Suzanne Stoller, Goggle
“the perfect field guide” – Eric Roza, CEO, Crossfit
“His commitment to the subject is unmistakable. A superb job. Its influence will be felt for some time to come.”
– Hollywood Digest

In a moment where it feels like the world is spinning off its axis, Moseley’s energetic and readable romp through the world of high-stakes communications delivers the stabilizing clarity of basic, enduring truths. Yes, we tell ourselves stories in order to live — but we only believe storytellers we trust. You can trust Moseley to craft compelling, credible narratives because he’s genuine and has never lost sight of what really matters. I hope every communications flack finds and learns from this excellent book

Eli Stokols

White House Cerrespondent, Los Angeles Times

Dispatches from the Frontlines of Communication Strategy

Matthew Moseley draws on his eclectic life experiences to investigate the link between success and effective communication.

Whether he’s choreographing a fine dining experience at the top restaurant in America, using rock stars to register voters, helping a national chain save its reputation after a gaffe goes viral, or serving as media liaison at the epic ash-blast send-off for author Hunter S. Thompson, Moseley identifies the principles that guide communication strategies toward their goals.

In extensive interviews with a wide variety of experts, including authors, fighter pilots, business leaders, politicians, and astrophysicists, Moseley tests these principles, teases out new, provocative ideas, and anticipates how forming stronger connections will help us address today’s greatest challenges. Though it tackles serious subjects, offers an illuminating perspective on the evolution of human discourse, and shares important insights on interpersonal relations, Ignition is also a good, fun read. A broad range of colorful anecdotes gives this book of philosophical wisdom and practical advice the zest of a juicy memoir.


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