“Storytelling gifts few other authors in this vein share”  – Goodreads

“An energetic and readable romp through the world of high-stakes communications” – Eli Stokols, LA Times
“Crackles with hard-earned wisdom. Highly recommended!” – Douglas Brinkley
“An essential field manual for communications strategy!” – Rosalind Wiseman (Mean Girls)
“…a fascinating journey…” – David Amram
“Little nuggets of wisdom” – Suzanne Stoller, Goggle
“the perfect field guide” – Eric Roza, CEO, Crossfit
“His commitment to the subject is unmistakable. A superb job. Its influence will be felt for some time to come.”
– Hollywood Digest

Moseley Speaks

The world needs good effective communicators now more than ever.

Our survival as a planet may depend on our ability to better relate to each other. Let us show you how.

Matthew Moseley is an in-demand speaker and author and world record adventure swimmer. Delivering unique high-energy talks and trainings of substance and value.

There are several options for a presentations and trainings:


Moseley draws on his eclectic life experiences to investigate the
link between success and effective communication. Drawing on interviews with experts, such as: fighter pilots, business leaders, politicians and astrophysicists. Moseley tests universal principles, teases out new, provocative ideas, and anticipates how forming stronger connections will help us address today’s greatest challenges.


A hands on practical training for professionals of various tactical principles in the Ignition book. These include: communication trainings and messaging workshops, media training, and crisis communication training. Typically about an hour or longer where we dive into the practical application of concepts from the book to their own work. Great for conferences.”


A high energy talk that is more inspirational and story about Matthew Moseley’s five world records in open water swimming and how it applies to our professional and personal lives.

This includes:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Perseverance, preparation and hard work
  • Expecting the unexpected
  • Mental conditioning
  • Swimming for a greater cause than yourself

“Matt was terrific at our annual conference and we received great feedback from attendees about how they learned a lot through his unique approach and hands on learning. He is an outstanding educator and speaker.”

Tracy Gehrts

Product Strategist, Marketing & Communications, E Source

See Matt Speak.

A short video about his work and life.

Over the last year we have spoken to associations, Chambers of Commerce, conferences, forums and individual organizations. In addition to book events and film showings.

Now booking for Spring and Summer 2022. For pricing and availability please contact info@ignitionstrategygroup.com for further details.

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Matthew Moseley draws on his eclectic life experiences to investigate the link between success and effective communication.