“Storytelling gifts few other authors in this vein share”  – Goodreads

“An energetic and readable romp through the world of high-stakes communications” – Eli Stokols, LA Times
“Crackles with hard-earned wisdom. Highly recommended!” – Douglas Brinkley
“An essential field manual for communications strategy!” – Rosalind Wiseman (Mean Girls)
“…a fascinating journey…” – David Amram
“Little nuggets of wisdom” – Suzanne Stoller, Goggle
“the perfect field guide” – Eric Roza, CEO, Crossfit
“His commitment to the subject is unmistakable. A superb job. Its influence will be felt for some time to come.”
– Hollywood Digest

No matter how big or small, we believe in the power of story

We are a national strategy and implementation firm that has years of experience handling high-stakes communications for the biggest companies in the world to the smallest organizations.

About Us

Ignition Strategy Group is a strategic communications and public affairs firm that specializes in moving the needle on public policy issues. We are experienced in crafting creative solutions for large and small organizations alike who sit at the intersection of public policy, business, and government.

We have years of experience handling high-stakes communications and issue management for the biggest companies in the world to the smallest organizations.

No matter how big or small, we believe in the Power of the Story.

“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed. Consequently he who molds public sentiment, goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed.”

— Abraham Lincoln

Our Services

No matter the issue — water, education, juvenile justice reform, energy, social justice — ISG help clients move issues from Point A to Point B. We employ a variety of tactical approaches to bring together a suite of a la carte possibilities to accomplish objectives.

Public Affairs

Public affairs occurs at the intersection of government and business. ISG manages all aspects of public issues.

Issues Management

Many organizations face complex external challenges—that can often times also be an opportunities. Be it water, education, juvenile justice issues, we know what it takes to be successful with a policy issues, including messaging, coalition building and advocacy.

Crisis Communications

Fires, floods, droughts… accusations of fraud, financial mismanagement, angry stakeholders…We have years of experience managing  difficult situations when people and organizations find themselves in a jam. Our approach is built upon trust and empathy.


ISG understands the policy process and we understand how to maneuver within it. We are a team of experts who have been in the trenches of major policy battles.

Digital / Creative

We create content through digital, video, and graphic design. We have  the skill and experience to not only make our content look appealing, but we also have advanced social media and digital strategies to target audiences and influence behavior.

Media Relations

You only get one shot to get it right and let’s make it count. ISG handles all aspects of media relations including interviews, announcements, reactions, editorial boards, and opinion writing. We believe in preparation and training for media opportunities.

Communications Training

People need to be singing from the same script. Any leader or organization is only as good as it’s ability to communicate. If people don’t understand or believe in a vision, then it’s hard to be successful. At ISG, we are conductors leading an orchestra. We write the score and lead rehearsals on how to perform our symphony in concert together.

Communications Planning Training

We have developed the Ignition Communications Template and a 15-minute Communications Strategy Tool for any issue no matter how big or small, professional or personal.

Media Trainings

We offer trainings on how to speak with the media, how to be comfortable in front of a camera, and how to prepare your organizations to handle times of crisis.

Message Trainings

Get your team singing from the same script. Oftentimes people can have very different interpretations of values and goals. The only way to be successful is for everyone to have a shared understanding of a mission.

Latest News

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Good Reads Book Review

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Almost everything I learned was from restaurateur Ella Brennan

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