“Storytelling gifts few other authors in this vein share”  – Goodreads

“An energetic and readable romp through the world of high-stakes communications” – Eli Stokols, LA Times
“Crackles with hard-earned wisdom. Highly recommended!” – Douglas Brinkley
“An essential field manual for communications strategy!” – Rosalind Wiseman (Mean Girls)
“…a fascinating journey…” – David Amram
“Little nuggets of wisdom” – Suzanne Stoller, Goggle
“the perfect field guide” – Eric Roza, CEO, Crossfit
“His commitment to the subject is unmistakable. A superb job. Its influence will be felt for some time to come.”
– Hollywood Digest

Reviews & Articles



A blogging site started by the founders of Twitter with millions of monthly readers.


The world’s largest community of book lovers with 100 million monthly visitors.

The Hollywood Digest

The premier online entertainment magazine bringing you the latest news on the coolest Music, Films, TV Shows and Celebrities. They also do book reviews and interview thought leaders.

The Magic Pen

A popular site for writers and readers with over 250,000 readers monthly.



CEOWorld has more than 12.4 million page views and is the world’s leading business magazine written for CEOS, CFOS, top managers, investors, executives and business leaders.

Real Leaders

An online and print magazine targeted to CEOS, managers and leaders with over 300,000 visitors monthly.

Costco Magazine

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Indian Management

Top international print magazine.The readership of the magazine comprises a national audience of corporate decision-makers—CEOs and CXOs; executives who lead SMEs and MSMEs; entrepreneurs and socio-preneurs; All India Management Association Members; researchers and b-school students from top-ranking management institutes.

Thought Leaders

A leadership blog with over 240,000 visitors a month.
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Chief Executive

A print and online magazine for CEOs with over 200,000 monthly visits.


A news site for communications and marketing professionals with 150,000 monthly visitors.

Businessing Magazine

An online magazine for small business owners and entrepreneurs with over 275,000 visitors monthly.

Strategy Driven

A top leadership blog written for business managers and executives.


A blogging site started by the founders of Twitter with millions of monthly readers.


Authority Magazine

An online publication featuring people who are authorities in Business, Film, Sports and Tech with millions of regular readers.
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Radio / Podcast

School for Startups

Nationally syndicated radio show Airs: airs in these markets: 7 states on 11 terrestrial stations and 8 internet platformsTampa AM 1630, FM 92.1, Las Vegas AM 1520, FM 107.1, Macon, GA AM 810, FM 87.9 Lancaster, PA AM 1640, FM 102.1, Boulder, CO FM 100.7, Milwaukee FM 104.1 Pittsburgh FM 107.3, – Long Beach FM 101.5 //average 172,000 listeners a day, on 21 internet platforms and 16 AMFM stations. School for Startups Radio is also #5 on iTunes Business –Jim Beach – Keynote Speaker and McGraw-Hill Bestselling Author SBA Award Winning Radio Host on 24 AM/FM Stations
June 23 interview date

Get Down to Business

Interviews: business leaders, career, entrepreneurs
Air: Chicago, IL and online podcast
190,000 downloads over the past 12 months
July 14 interview date

Book Talk and Book Place

Facebook for audience of 40K + youtube; talk about their book with authors of self help /personal development books.