“Storytelling gifts few other authors in this vein share”  – Goodreads

“An energetic and readable romp through the world of high-stakes communications” – Eli Stokols, LA Times
“Crackles with hard-earned wisdom. Highly recommended!” – Douglas Brinkley
“An essential field manual for communications strategy!” – Rosalind Wiseman (Mean Girls)
“…a fascinating journey…” – David Amram
“Little nuggets of wisdom” – Suzanne Stoller, Goggle
“the perfect field guide” – Eric Roza, CEO, Crossfit
“His commitment to the subject is unmistakable. A superb job. Its influence will be felt for some time to come.”
– Hollywood Digest
Charlie Veraza

Charlie Veraza


As a first-generation immigrant who has lived in Mexico, the South, Midwest, Colorado, DC, and in Europe, Charlie has learned to thoroughly enjoy the process of communications and getting your narrative to your audience. Having received a B.A. in International Relations from American University, Charlie likes to look at the world in a grand strategic sense, viewing historical context and competing perspectives as all wrapped up in the human experience. Through his various internships in the public and private sector, including the State Department, top think-tanks, IGO in Brussels, public affair firms, start-ups, political campaigns, and everything in between, Charlie has developed an ability to translate his skills and experience to whatever is in front of him, no matter the issue or audience. And as we look towards a new world, Charlie has responded to the call of needed adaptability, juggling his time between assisting the Ignition Strategy Group, working with the Research & Development teams of the Colorado Children’s Campaign, and working in social media & press engagement for organizers in Georgia. In an increasingly connected world, people have never felt more alone, and it is Charlie’s mission to help engage in positive social change, no matter which community needs it.